Important Things To Understand About ACs To Make Yours Last Longer

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Air conditioners are a big investment for your home or workplace. Hence, you want to make sure it lasts for a long time. In general, an air conditioner can last you for almost 15 years. If you follow good maintenance standards, it could even last you longer. 

To begin with, you will need to get accustomed to the many factors that determine how your air conditioning works so that it lasts till the final days of operating. The more factors that you ignore and overlook, the lesser amount of time your system will last. We will help you go through the most basic maintenance needs, which will help you understand how to increase your air conditioner’s life expectancy.

Install The AC System Correctly

This is where it all starts. An AC system installed properly at the beginning itself will save you from a lot of frustrations later on. It will function well and last longer. The most common issue that AC experts deal with all the time is when the equipment is installed improperly. This not only leads to many technical problems in the future but can also increase your electricity bills. Make sure your AC system is installed properly by professionals, and refrain from doing it yourself or hiring a rookie to save some extra money. 

Replace the Capacitor

Before we dive into why you need to replace it, let’s understand first, What is an AC Capacitor? This is a small but vital part of your AC unit, which ensures that it works properly. This plays the role of a battery for your AC when you turn it off and on. They can be damaged when exposed to heat for a long time or other factors. Many homeowners take it upon themselves to find these capacitors and replace them by themselves. If done wrong can by replacing it with a cheaper unit or choosing the wrong one, it can cause the other parts to break down and at times even cause a complete system failure. Every AC unit needs a specific capacitor with the right voltage rating. This is why it is best to call an experienced professional AC repair person to take care of things that require more technical knowledge.

Keep The Filter Clean

An AC filter traps all contamination like debris, dust, and dirt and prevents it from circulating in your house. Many property owners often forget to replace or clean the air conditioner filter regularly. This will lead to the AC using more power than necessary, suffer wear and tear, and eventually lose its efficiency. If you use cheap filters, you should replace them every month, whereas more quality air filters can be used for up to 2 to 3 months. Change of air filter is needed when it can no longer be salvaged by cleaning. Scheduling one day every month to clean the air filter and inspect for wear and tear will ensure you don’t forget it. 

Inspect Leaky AC Ducts

A leak is usually a sign of a bigger underlying problem. A regular AC duct can cause the loss of almost a quarter of its cool air due to leakage. By having your ducts sealed and insulated, you will save as much as 20 percent of your electricity bill. At the same time, a professional AC repairman can reveal to you where your house may be leaking air. Sometimes, some open spaces under door frames, etc., will need you to use your AC more frequently and cause it to stress more. Inspect these places to know where you could be losing cool air and cover it with necessary material. 

Clear Air Vent For Airflow

You may be decreasing the efficiency of your AC system by blocking the air vents and thereby reducing the airflow. This will lead the air conditioner to overwork and shorten its lifespan. Even blocking a single vent can throw your cooling system off balance completely. Take care not to block the air vents with furniture, drapes, curtains, or other objects. Keep the valves or plates fully open so that they can regulate the airflow inside the duct. If you are planning to block vents in a room that you rarely use, it is advised to seek professional advice before doing so as they will use professional tools to make sure the AC system is not damaged in the long run.

Program Your Thermostat Properly

Most properties with a programmable thermostat hardly use the program settings properly. By learning how to use the programs on the thermostat remote, you can reduce the energy used and also cause less stress on the cooling system. Try to customize the settings as per your use, then put on a generic one. Manually change the temperature when you are not on your property. This will ease the load on your air conditioner and also help reduce the electricity bills. You can also take the help of your technician to understand how to set up your thermostat. 

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Look For Quality When Buying Air Conditioners Rather Than Focus On Cost Cutting

True that we all love a bargain. However, in some cases, a cheaper unit will cost more in the long run due to malfunction and repair. This is applicable when you are buying air conditioners. If you shop around looking for the cheapest one rather than a quality one which could be slightly expensive, you will eventually run into trouble with it. A cheaply made unit needs to be replaced sooner and mostly doesn’t come with a warranty which thereby brings more unexpected costs.

Also, follow up your purchase with experienced AC technicians regularly to help you understand if there are any problems with your units and make necessary repairs if needed. Look for professional and quality air conditioners and technicians for maintenance that provides you with the level of reliability, comfort, along affordability. This will ensure your AC has a long life expectancy, and you can enjoy a safe and cool summer for years to come. 

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