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Here’s What Potato Chip Flavor You Are, Based on Your Zodiac

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Potato chips are packed with personality. Think about it: They’re crunchy, salty, and a bit eccentric when it comes to flavor. They’re that friend who knows the way to your heart and can always make you smile, no matter what you’re going through. Plus, they make one heck of a party companion.  

If you had to choose a potato chip flavor to match your personality, odds are you’d have a hard time picking just one when there are so many options out there (see: Deep Dish Pizza Lays). So we did the hard work for you in the best way we know how: by looking to our spuds in the stars. 

Whether you’re a zodiac sign skeptic or someone who consults your birth chart on the regular to make decisions (ahem, like reaching for a snack), here’s a look at what potato chip best aligns with your unique personality. At the very least, it might inspire you to try something new next time that three o’clock slump hits. 

Aries: Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle 

What do you get when you combine Flamin’ Hot chips with Dill Pickle chips? A potato chip that wants to be number one and show off a little, just like your fiery and competitive personality. You might not be for everyone, and that’s okay — because those who vibe with you really vibe with your bold and ambitious nature and willingness to take risks. Everywhere you go, you add a spicy blast of flavor and you know how to keep things interesting. You’re also incredibly loyal to the ones you love, just like this chip flavor. 

Taurus: Loaded Baked Potato 

You, self-indulgent? Please. As one of the most sensory-driven signs of the zodiac, you love to treat yourself to delicious foods because life’s too short not to. That’s why Loaded Baked Potato chips match your pleasure-seeking soul. The multiple flavors, like sour cream and cheddar, speak to the dimensions of your personality. Supportive and dependable, you embody comfort food in the way you extend care and compassion to others. As a grounded earth sign, you also love stability and consistency — much like the satisfying crunchiness of these chips, which give you all the good and cozy feels. 

Gemini: Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue

Playful, passionate, and ever the conversation starter, Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue chips embody the Gemini spirit. The sweetness mixed with notes of smokiness represents your intrinsic duality. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean you’re two-faced — it means that you’re so versatile and passionate, you had to double yourself to not miss out on all of life’s experiences. Much like your effervescent personality, these flavor-packed and heat-building chips also spark curiosity and open people to new ways of thinking. You sure know how to get people talking.

You knew this was coming, right? Represented by the crab symbol, Cancers are known to put up a protective shell of their soft and vulnerable inside. You feel very deeply and absorb the emotions of people around you, so you value having a safe space to retreat. There’s a lot more to you than what meets the surface, just like the seasoning blend of crab chips. Because you can be overly sensitive, it may take a bit for others to warm up to you and you to them, just like Crab Chips. But once you do, you’ll discover that this flavor — just like your Crab persona — is the real deal, and you’ll never let it go.

If you could Leo-fy any potato chip, it would of course be something as hot and fiery as your commanding personality like Fiery Habanero chips. Much like the red-hot presence of these chips, you walk into a room and know how to turn heads and get everyone talking. Some may think you come off a little aggressive, but you’re just too hot to handle for some. For those that do jive with your vivacious and flavorsome nature, you’re fiercely loyal and passionate about making the ones you love happy. 

Virgo: Sour Cream & Onion

Just like the green onion flecks on the perfectly seasoned Sour Cream & Onion Ruffles, your attention to detail is impeccable. You may be a perfectionist, but it’s only because you have very high standards and taste. (#SorryNotSorry.) Just like your hardworking personality, Sour Cream & Onion chips always get the job done. You take great pride in mastering something, but you never brag about your accomplishments. You much prefer letting something speak for itself — just like the perfect homage of flavors in this chip, from tangy to acidic to salty. Essentially, you are *chef’s kiss* in human form.

If there’s any crowd-pleasing type of chip that finds a way to win over everyone’s hearts, it’s Sweet Potato — just like the harmony-seeking air sign that you are. People are attracted to your sweet and sociable personality, making you a go-to source for a good time or a good cry. No matter the mood, you’ll always deliver because you know how to cater to different tastes by simply being you. Not to mention, the burnt orange color of Sweet Potato chips is a true aesthetic, and we both know you’re just as much about the look as you are about the taste. Generous and a little (okay, sometimes a lot) indulgent, everyone just wants more of you. 

Scorpio: Cheddar Jalapeño

A little different, a little misunderstood, and a whole lot of layers in this sharp-tongued flavor, Cheddar Jalapeño chips represent your Scorpio mystique. You have a way of luring people in with your intensity, much like the enticing flavor of these chips. People might have an entirely different perception of you before they actually get to know you, as you tend to slowly reveal all parts of yourself over time. You know how to keep things spicy. Sure, you might play games, but it’s all in good fun and keeps things interesting. With your curiosity, intuitive gifts, and ability to stand out in any given situation, it’s no wonder people just can’t stop craving you.

Just like your blunt, no B.S. nature, Barbecue chips are flavor-forward and don’t mess around. Sure, they’re a classic — but they’re anything but boring. The combination of spices on these sweet chips is distinct and recognizable, much like your larger-than-life personality. They’re also a party staple and as one of the most generous and gregarious signs of the zodiac, you love to share and delight in pleasures with other people — especially when it leads to new and interesting experiences. That’s exactly what Barbecue chips do — they pave the way for all the excitement that life brings your way. 

Capricorn: Salt & Vinegar

Known for your pragmatic and devoted personality, you work hard at crushing all the goals you set for yourself. Your strength is one of the most admirable things about you, making a powerful and tangy chip like Salt & Vinegar a perfect match for your no-nonsense personality. You get straight to the point and wouldn’t have it any other way. You always deliver on what you say you will, which leaves a satisfying finish with people. And, just like the sweet and unexpected aftertaste of Salt & Vinegar chips, you sure know how to leave a lasting impression. 

Aquarius is all about the unexpected, so what’s more fitting for your eccentric soul than Limón chips? Fun and edgy, these crunchers pack a punch just like your spunky personality. No idea seems too wild or far-fetched for you, as you love to think big and stretch your imagination. You wear your offbeat style and non-conformist attitude like a badge of honor, and have a way of making anything work for you. Plus, everyone knows that normal is boring — it’s better to stay zesty and keep it fresh.

Pisces: Olive Oil & Herbs 

You spend a lot of time dreaming — and if we had to guess, it involves romantic pastimes like dancing barefoot in a garden and embracing cottagecore vibes. That’s why you in chip form embodies the light and soothing nature of Olive Oil & Herbs. These kettle-cooked chips are mellow and pleasant to taste, transporting you into a fantasy with every crunch. With the balanced array of herbs like basil and rosemary, there’s a lot of depth to these chips — just like all the layers of your water sign soul.

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