Easy How To: Global Site Tag Support for WordPress

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Do you want to upgrade to Google’s new tracking code system? If yes, then we’ve got news for you! In this post, we’ll show you how simple is to get the new global site tag tracking script (gtag.js) using MonsterInsights plugin.

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Let’s check it out …

Switch to Global Site Tag Tracking Code

Google’s new tracking code snippet, Global Site Tag (gtag.js), allows you to send data to every of your Google marketing tools.

Τhis provides better integrations and offers deeper insights into your visitors and the way they behave on your website.

And since Google is going to be using gtag.js to make new analytics features within the future, MonsterInsights is now making Global Site Tag its default tracking code for all new users.

As for our existing users, we’re introducing a replacement limited-time option that you simply can use to modify from the older tracking code (analytics.js) to Global Site Tag with a click of a button.
At MonsterInsights, we’ve worked tirelessly for a previous couple of months, ensuring that the transition to Global Site Tag is smooth and effortless for our current users.

global site tag
global Site Tag

If you’ve got any custom codes running on your site or have found out event tracking using another plugin, then you don’t need to worry about updating them. MonsterInsights will automatically detect analytics.js events and pass them through the worldwide Site Tag (gtag.js).

And in our next release, we’ll make the worldwide Site Tag the default tracking code and upgrade all MonsterInsights users to gtag.js.
That’s it for this release!

The option to modify to Global Site Tag is now available in MonsterInsights. Click here to start today!

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