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‘Drunk’ Pennsylvania Cop Removed From Duty For ‘Racially Profiling’ Black Diner

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A Pennsylvania police officer who was filmed drunk while on duty and “racially profiling” a Black diner has been removed from duty.

Officer William Moore, a 20-year veteran of the force has been removed from duty with pay as an investigation is underway.

In the video, a young Black male, Marcus Townsend, was eating alone at G&G Restaurant when he was approached by Moore. Moore did not explain why he was questioning him.

“What did I do sir?” Townsend asks, but Moore radios for back-up.

“Please bring your superior,” Townsend asks him.

“I am superior,” Moore replies.

“I am superior officer. badge number is 4. You understand that?”

“I got a call here for you” Moore tells him and then tells Townsend to leave the restaurant and step outside. “It’s very fair, and it’s very right,” he says slurring. The young man hands him his ID.

“Racial profiling,” Townsend said and the officer agrees. “Oh yeah it’s racial profilin'” he asks before asking dispatch to run the man’s license.

“Run that please because this guy says that I’m ‘racial profiling’ him,” he says. “Oh yeah! ‘Cause I just don’t like Black people,. Yeah I don’t Black people, It’s like that out here… everybody who knows me knows that I don’t care whether you’re white, brown… or tan. I’m tired of your attitude.”

Outside, a far calmer and more respectful officer arrives, and helps diffuse the situation somewhat.

Moore pleaded guilty to a summary count of harassment at the time, and paid a fine.


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