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Don’t Forget to Clean This Part of Your Kitchen Sink

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Cleaning hack videos on social media serve lots of purposes. Most show you easier or more efficient ways to complete tasks you already know and dread. Others show you the far more frightening reality of some part of your house you have never even thought to clean before. As someone who recently cleaned their fridge deeply enough to learn that we never took the packing tape off the shelf brackets when we got it (in fairness, it was the same week my oldest child was born, which is what I blame this on), these are the scariest of videos: think of all the muck and nastiness awaiting where you’ve never thought to look.

Well, I recently came across one of those scary cleaning video hacks on TikTok, and it’s all about the drain insert under your kitchen sink. Get your cleaning supplies ready, because you’re going to need them.

If you have the type of sink drain shown in the above TikTok video — a pretty standard kind — then you will want to watch and learn how to get at all this grossness that could be growing and lurking down there. The video shows how to use a spoon and then your hand to unscrew the piece at the center holding it together. Then the person in the video uses wire and toothbrushes, cleaning pastes, and all-purpose spray, among other unidentified cleaning supplies to scrub it all out (all to the soundtrack of a few appropriately freaked-out obscenities), then put it all back together.

For those of us with different types of sinks, though, the video might be even scarier: I can now only imagine what’s sitting below the drain in my sink and I still don’t have any clue how to get it apart in order to clean it.

Naomi Tomky


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