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Benzino Apologizes To Daughter Coi Leray

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Looks like things are back on solid ground between Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray.

The superstar singer recently took to Twitter to share that she loves her father no matter what they go through. The message was received well by her fans as the two had a nasty back-and-forth spat on social media back in March.

“I love my dad Red heart forever and always,” she tweeted. “I do this for my family, they don’t understand me, no n****s around me , they don’t understand me I do this for my crew they don’t understand I do this s**t for you they don’t understand.”

Now, Benzino is apologizing for his role in the family struggle.

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“I Love you more CC and I’m sorry, if you felt I wasn’t there when you needed me then I was wrong and should’ve been so I truly apologize, no excuses. #nomoreparties,” he captioned a post of him and his daughter on Instagram along with Coi’s previous tweets.

Previously, Benzino had not been warm to Coi Leray’s tweets, writing, “Fake love will make you hate love. So not only is the internet the place to tell someone you got beef, but it’s all the place to tell someone you love them? How bout using the same phone for the keypad and call button. Sh*ts fake asf.”

After a nasty back-and-forth during which Coi claimed Benzino wasn’t there for her when she was young, the rapper, reality star and co-founder of The Source magazine retorted, “Coi was raised in a mansion and had everything she ever asked for. My other two sons are grown and would never say these things.”

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