Are You A New Biker? 6 Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist You Should Follow

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Riding a bike – one refreshing experience in itself, right? You go out there, put on your helmet and get treading. In fact, the thrill is all the more chilling when you have just gotten your first bike after consistently requesting your folks. But, do you know there is more to bikes and motorcycles than just riding them? Well, motorcycles require full-blown maintenance every once in a while.

Most people blatantly ignore the idea of giving their bikes a routine maintenance check for years. But the following stats should alarm you about how huge a mistake that could be! It was found in a detailed study that motorcyclist deaths occur around 28 times more frequently than in the case of other vehicles.

While all of these deaths do not occur because of irresponsibility in bike maintenance, most of it does! So, here are 6 motorcycle maintenance tips for you to follow, especially if you are a new biker. Check these out:

1. Check the tires

First things first – the most important thing to check while giving your bike routine maintenance is the condition of its tires. And why not? Tires are one of the main reasons why half of the rides become unpleasant, or even worse, dangerous!

So, start with checking the tire pressure. Fill them with the appropriate pressure – not more, not less. Now, move on to checking the tire treads and see for any problem like sidewall bubbles, wear and tear, etc. If the tire doesn’t seem so good to go, don’t think twice – simply replace it with a new one.

2. Check the lights

Well, you do not realize the importance of motorcycle lights until you are in the middle of a detour on a stranded road and your front light gives in! It’s only then that you regret not giving your lights enough care and attention.

motorcycle maintenance

So, this time when you’ve finally taken the Herculean task of servicing your bike, do not forget the lights. See if they are properly functioning in both high and low beams. Do not miss out on checking the backlights and your signal lights too.

3. Check the battery life

In case you don’t already know, motorcycle batteries form a really essential part of your cherished bike. If they are not paid full attention, then you are just landing yourself in some troublesome situation.

Some bikers tend to recharge their batteries only when they are going for a ride. But in a Covid situation like this, when everyone’s at their home, if you haven’t recharged your battery yet, it’s about time that you must. Remember, delaying recharging your batteries is just rushing their decay.

4. Check the bike oil

This tip is so important, there is no way you can skip it. So, you are giving your bike a maintenance check but turning a blind eye towards the oil tank?

Try better next time! Well, while giving your bike full-fledged servicing, make double sure that you take a good look at the oil tank. If you haven’t taken a ride on your bike in a long time, start with changing the fuel. Clean the entire oil tank and fill it in with fresh gasoline. That’s about it!

5. Replace the bike coolant

The engine is the heart of the motorcycle, to say the least. If you overlook its condition, your bike will suffer a lot. Coolant is one of the most important motorcycle parts because it keeps the engine from overheating.

So, changing the coolant should be there on your motorcycle maintenance checklist. But how do you figure out when to replace the coolant? Well, your engine’s heat will give you the answer!

motorcycle maintenance

6. Check the controls

Last but never least, checking the motorcycle controls is very, very crucial for a number of reasons. Sometimes, motorcycle mishaps occur because the controls fail to function properly. And we know you don’t want that to happen with you.

So, check the motorcycle controls before finishing off with the whole maintenance. Make sure they work lucidly and effortlessly, just as new.

Over to you…

While getting a bike might be one of the happiest feelings, servicing it definitely is not. Here, we cited 6 motorcycle maintenance checklist tips you must follow. Read this guide and give your buddy a good servicing – all by yourself! 

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