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Another ‘Karen’ Arrested For Refusing To Wear Mask!!

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Another Karen has been arrested after she was recorded refusing to wear a mask.

Bodycam footage from the Sunset Valley Police Department shows Kara Bell ranting about the reasons she does not want to wear a mask during the pandemic.


Cops were called to an altercation at a Nordstrom store and employees claimed Bell had tried to enter a changing room without a mask. The Karen shoved her way in and called the corporate office.

“It’s my God-given right to be here on this planet, and you cannot tell me otherwise – correct?” she argues.

She then accused the employee of being racist.

“There was also another woman without a mask — isn’t that interesting how she only picked me? She only picked me, the white person. Not the Black person wearing a mask. Do you think it’s a racist thing? I don’t know.”

She continued: “First of all, I don’t have to identify myself. Actually I don’t. It’s called ‘common law’. You should read up on it. I do not. Okay? I am a woman of God. This is much my right, as much as it is yours. This is my land as much as it is yours. I did not sign up for this. I am a Christian woman of God. And you are not going to put your disgusting rules on me, that are false, and not true. I will not have it. You understand that? I will. Not. Have it.

“I’m sick of being bullied, I’m sick of being lied to, and it’s not going to happen any more. Do you understand? The CDC just released….”

Then they arrested her. The hilarious video is going viral.

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